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Today’s world is ever-changing and challenging. PwC’s network of professionals has dedicated hours of research into what makes the modern leader.

Become the Next Generation Leader and improve your leadership strategies. Delve into a journey of 4 modules, spanned over 24 consecutive weeks spanning up to 100 hours of learning and endless opportunities to connect with the network.

Funding schemes available:

  • Get Qualified for Individuals
  • Training Pays Schemes for Individuals
  • Invest in Skills for Companies
Malta Further & Higher Education Authority

This programme is certified by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) as an MQF Level 6 Award.

About the programme

What is required of leaders is becoming more complex and challenging. As seemingly irreconcilable problems emerge, the expectation of those who lead is becoming ever more demanding.

The six leadership paradoxes, developed by PwC professionals, are becoming increasingly important for leaders to navigate. This programme will help you understand how leading yourself, leading others and leading the business have changed in the 21st century.

Our learning journey helps you experience how these paradoxes should be considered as a system; how they impact each other and how they all need to be balanced simultaneously.

This programme is open to all professionals with different backgrounds and across varied industries. It is targeted at middle to senior managers who would like to gain future-oriented skills and reinvent themselves through a journey into leadership, strategy and transformation fit and be foolproof for the challenges of the 21st Century.

Entry requirements:

  • No prior qualifications or certifications are required to be eligible to attend this course.
  • Professional experience in any industry at either middle or senior management grade is required.

Once you start this programme, you will immediately

  • Establish connections with like-minded people by integrating with PwC’s network of professionals;
  • Delve into PwC’s newly researched leadership methodologies and learn how to apply these strategies to your own case studies and your personal experiences whilst also benefiting from sessions tailored to your needs;
  • Learn the newest leadership strategies for driving organisational change and future proofing your skill-set;
  • Manage people and teams, develop agility, adapt to developments, reconcile and understand others to find the best solution in any situation;
  • Become self-aware of your strength, enhance your resilience and self-management skills whilst benefiting from personalised coaching sessions;
  • Create a culture of creativity and problem solving, being able to complete projects from initial thoughts all the way up to execution;
  • Gain new insight via a hybrid approach and get one step closer to becoming the Next Generation Leader by achieving an MQF level 6 Award.

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