Who we are

PwC’s Academy has been PwC’s training arm since its creation in 2010. As from 2014, PwC’s Academy was licensed by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) as a Higher Education Institution (Licence No: 2007-TC-004). In 2022, it also updated its licence with MFHEA to offer learning solutions through digital channels and even in blended mode.

Malta Further & Higher Education Authority

The world of work has embarked on a massive transformation journey. Today more than ever, everyone should be able to live, learn, work and participate in our digital world. Our purpose is to upskill, reskill and develop individuals and prepare them for this ever-changing professional environment.

We are committed to supporting you in acquiring the skills and aptitudes you need to grow your career and your people. Whether you are an individual professional, a corporate, a student, we can provide you with the technical and professional development courses, all tailored to your needs.

The Academy works closely with you to understand your learning needs, design compelling learning journeys, and deliver a training solution that addresses your investment objectives. The Academy Network adds value by:

  • Going to market with specialised programmes developed by PwC’s internal subject matter experts
  • Designing and delivering bespoke learning solutions to solve important client problems; and
  • Collaborating with professional bodies to offer the most renowned international certifications

What we do

1. Design and Deliver Learning Programmes

We understand your training needs and partner up with you to design the most effective learning journeys. As your learning partner we offer a mix of the most renowned worldwide certifications, our own homegrown programmes and also design learning to suit your own needs. We pull knowledge from our 3 main academies:

  • Our Technical Academy : Finance, Assurance, Tax, Internal Audit, Risk and Project Management, and Regulatory training
  • Our Business and Management Academy: Leadership, Strategy, HR, Marketing, Future of work, Innovation and Behavioural Transformation training
  • Our Digital Academy: Data, Emerging Technology, Cyber, IT, and Digital Transformation training

2. Learning Consulting

The PwC’s Academy network has practices and tools in place to support most of your learning needs. Although designing and developing bespoke learning is something we have been doing historically, we add value to your organisation when you ask us to  review and refresh the way you do learning, we promise to bring the most innovative learning trends in your organisation to provide more quality and cost effective learning solutions. We like to partner up with organisations as their learning partners where our role is more of a learning advisor and consequently learning producer. We have the right learning people and partners and the right learning technologies to do so.

Want to know more about our bespoke learning consulting – click here to read more!

How do we do it ?

A changing learning landscape

The way we live, work and learn has changed rapidly in just a matter of months. Remote working is the new reality and so is remote learning. Learning has shifted from long-life learning to infinite learning and therefore demanding knowledge to be available all the time and on all possible output devices. Employers demand experiential learning that brings about a change in mindset from a fixed one to a growth/exponential mindset, they demand a growth curve at the speed of technology and learning not in a vacuum but in a digital context.

To be able to achieve this, PwC’s Academy as your learning partner offers an entire learning ecosystem.

Learning Process

Have questions for us?

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