PwC’s Academy

Cyber Security

Technology has become part of nearly every aspect of modern life, from our jobs to our homes. As information technology keeps on advancing at an increasingly faster pace, our lives risk being impacted by various types of cybercrime activity. In counteracting current and future cyber threats, security professionals are becoming a key component in safeguarding individuals and business communities.

The PwC’s Academy is making available a number of security training courses that provide learning and career opportunities that can take you a long way. The Academy aims to provide the best industry-recognised cyber security certifications that are currently made available on the market.

Cyber security training is indispensable for several reasons, which at times are overlooked. Looking beyond identity theft and data manipulation, there exist countless ways that cyber-crime may affect both our personal and business life which usually go beyond financial loss.

Within a society where technology continues to advance in an exponential way, the importance of renewing cyber security skills and competencies at both individual and organisational levels assumes added importance.

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