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Optimise your data assets. Make faster and better decisions. Work more efficiently and save money.

Data and analytics can provide you with the opportunity to add value to anything you do. The real value add of mastering big data is closely linked to your ability to use stored information, whilst uncovering new trends and insights. Data analytics allows you to view and discover a full picture around the processes you are regularly engaged with. Just over the past few years the world has witnessed the creation of 90% of its current data, with this percentage bound to increase further in short term as new technologies are enabled.

Today’s digital market is increasingly bringing data analytics to the forefront of business decision-making. Many work environments gather data from a huge number of sources, integrated processes, teams and smart devices. The training provided at PwC’s Academy can help you unlock further insight through effective use of data allowing you to drive positive user and customer experience.

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Core Excel

Candidates will be introduced to the necessary features and skills to start working effectively and efficiently with Excel. Microsoft Excel is a great tool as it allows users to easily manage different types of data through the use of different calculations and functions.

Candidates will be able to use the right excel tools to solve problems, and new features in the current Excel version shall be highlighted.

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Intermediate Excel for Professionals

This Intermediate Excel course builds on the concepts, features and skills presented in the Core Excel course. Candidates shall continue to enhance their excel skills by focusing on creating and using advanced formulas, organising and analysing data and enhancing work. Topics covered include Conditional Formatting wizard, Flash Fill, Name Manager, various functions (string, maths, logical, lookup), and pivot tables.

Having practised all of these new skills extensively during the course you will be able to hit the ground running on your return to the office and should be able to complete your Excel work far more proficiently.

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Advanced Excel for Professionals

Learn the best ways to use Microsoft Excel for data analysis, reporting and modeling for decision making using real-world business scenarios.

Designed for supervisors, managers or team members who need to summarize, report and analyze data, this course will present helpful tools to evaluate investments and financial decisions, ensure accurate data entry by creating a list of values, summarize data using histograms and PivotTables, estimate business variables using trend curves and present the data.

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Analysing and Visualising Data with Power BI

Power BI for Excel is a powerful tool which allows you to consolidate and mine data from multiple sources, investigate trends, create dashboards and make sense of your business data with just a few clicks in the familiar environment of Excel. Now it is possible to process millions of rows of data in Excel enabling deeper business insight and shorter decision making cycles.

If you are looking to boost your business or advance your career, then Power BI Training is for you. No previous experience required as we show you everything from the start but if you know a little about Excel formulas, one-to-many relationships in Access, SQL queries, VLOOKUP, PowerPivot Reports, you have a head start.

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Data skills: Further Practice and Case Studies

Digitisation, technology and automation are considered key drivers for the future of work and data-driven decision making is critical for business success. Do you feel the need or want to become more tech-savvy to leverage and exploit data to its full potential? To identify risks and opportunities in and to surface value from your data and communicate results effectively? This e-learn introduces data-driven decision making, automation, analytics and innovation. Relevant terms, concepts and feature real life case studies are explained which aim to inspire technology enabled innovation. It has been developed by data scientists and business experts for business experts seeking to increase their data literacy and competency to remain relevant in today’s and the future work environment.

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Structured Data Mentoring Project

The mentoring package is ideal for those companies who would like their group of participants to apply their knowledge to a use-case in their own department hence mentoring takes place at the company’s office. The tutor will mentor them through the data cycle starting from data collection, data governance and then moving on to data modelling and visualisation using the company’s own data.

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Tutor was very knowledgeable on the subject and delivered his knowledge with ease.

Transportation industry

One of the best courses I ever attended! Surely useful once I include it in my daily routine at work

Banking industry

Tutor has demonstrated that he has a very strong knowledge of Excel, he made the classes interactive and he was really helpful.

Gaming industry

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