Our Learning Services

Learning Management Services

Transform your learning culture by using a platform where all learning content, resources, and reporting are centralised. This enables your people to increase time in learning and decrease time doing manual administration.

Digital Learning Services

Are you looking for relevant, flexible & engaging training for your people? You can easily facilitate your teams' needs by offering learning at their own convenience - anytime, anywhere.

Bespoke Learning Consulting

We have the capacity, knowledge and expertise to assist you with implementinting your learning strategy. Starting with a consultation to understand your needs, we transform your learning and education function through innovative learning concepts.

PwC’s Academy can assist businesses with end-to-end solutions, from creating a Learning & Development (L&D) strategy to coming up with meaningful learning journeys tailor-made to the client’s needs. We can also develop the learning technology architecture to support a newly-created or previously-established L&D strategy and digitise learning assets to make them engaging and meaningful for employees.

The two main pillars of our learning consultancy offering are Bespoke Learning Consulting and Digital Learning Services. Starting from understanding your needs and those of your people, our solutions aim at addressing the change in training mindset, moving away from traditional systems to an increasingly hybrid and flexible approach.

Today, there is a high demand for learning that is both engaging and relevant to the professional’s work. Our Learning Management System (LMS) is one of our best assets and enables effective digital learning. We help you drive your digital innovation through an automated and innovative learning system that is flexible, inclusive, interactive, and engaging.

We also provide readily-made open courses, eLearns and certifications specialising in the trending areas of Leadership and Transversal Skills, Project Management, Change Management, Data Analytics, Risk Management, Cyber Security, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). 

Funding Schemes

The “Digitalise your Business Grant Scheme” will support eligible enterprises to procure either an e-Commerce Website or Digital Solutions. The intensity of aid is dependent on the location of the investments, 50% of the cost for those in Malta and 60% of the cost for those in Gozo.

The “Investing in Skills” scheme aims to support continuous skill development for individuals in the labour market. It provides incentives for accredited and non-accredited training, covering various learning environments such as classroom, e-learning, and distance learning. Eligible costs include trainer and trainee personnel costs, as well as training operating costs. The scheme supports a maximum of 25 contact hours per trainee for non-accredited training, with funding rates varying based on the size of the undertaking: 50% for large, 60% for medium, and 70% for small and micro entities.

Investing in Success: How Employee Training Boosts Your Business

Stay competitive in the market – investing in your people increases efficiency as skills are gained
Increase employee retention by providing them with personal and professional development opportunities
Empower your people to manage projects better through project and change management
Increase productivity and reduce costs
Be prepared for any new risk and regulatory requirements being introduced
Enable further digitisation and transformation of your business through your own people
Leverage the power of data for your business decision-making

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