What is a self-paced course?

A self-paced course is a flexible learning option that allows ACCA students to progress through the course material at their own pace and convenience. Self-paced courses provide learners with the opportunity to decide the duration of study without having to follow a pre-set schedule. These courses are offered online and provide a structured curriculum with modules or lessons that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.



How Should One Make Use of a Self-Paced Course?

To make the most of a self-paced course, it is important to establish a study routine and maintain self-discipline. Here are some tips to effectively utilize a self-paced course:

  • Set goals: Define specific learning objectives and establish a timeline to stay motivated and focused throughout the course to avoid procrastinating and losing focus.
  • Plan a schedule: Create a study schedule that fits your routine and allocate dedicated time for learning and completing assignments.
  • Stay organised: Keep track of your progress by monitoring completed modules or lessons and maintaining a system to manage course materials.
    Engage with the content: Actively participate in with the interactive elements provided in the course to enhance comprehension of knowledge and to test your level of understanding.
  • Seek support when needed: Although self-paced courses are independent, it is essential to reach out to our ACCA team whenever necessary.

When Should a Student Opt for a Self-Paced Course?

Self-paced courses are an ideal choice for students who require flexibility in their learning journey. Here are some scenarios where opting for a self-paced course might be beneficial:

  • Busy schedules: Individuals with work, family, or other commitments can study at their own convenience without being tied to fixed class timings.
    Individual learning preferences: Students who prefer a more independent and self-directed approach to learning can tailor their study methods to suit their needs.
  • Personalised learning pace: Those who find it easier to grasp concepts at their own speed can take their time to thoroughly understand the material without the pressure of keeping up with a class.
  • Accessibility: Self-paced courses are often available online, allowing students from different geographical locations to access high-quality education without the need for physical presence.

Self-Paced Courses Vs. Face-to-Face / Live-Online Courses

While self-paced courses offer convenience and flexibility, it is important to note that they do not provide the same learning experience as following a course face-to-face. The absence of direct interaction with instructors and peers can limit opportunities for immediate feedback, real-time discussions, and collaborative learning. Additionally, the self-paced nature of these courses requires individuals to take on a higher level of self-motivation and accountability for their progress.

It is essential for students to understand that self-paced courses require self-discipline, self-motivation, and proactive engagement to achieve optimal learning outcomes. However, when utilized effectively, these courses can offer a valuable learning experience that accommodates diverse learning styles and personal circumstances.

Our Self-Paced Courses Consist of:

1. Pre-recorded lectures by our Platinum content providers

2. Checkpoints to test your learning per set of chapters with solutions

3. Question bank with solutions

4. Two / Three mock exams (depending on the paper) with solutions

5. Guide for self-assessment of mock exams

6. Link to additional technical articles