Who we are

PwC’s Academy – Your Learning Partner

PwC’s Academy has been PwC’s training arm partner since its creation in 2010. We have trained thousands of seasoned professionals and individuals seeking qualifications or certifications over the past ten years.
As from 2014, PwC’s Academy is licensed by the NCFHE as a Higher Education Institution (Licence No: 2007-TC-004).
We are committed to supporting you in acquiring the skills and aptitudes you need to grow your career and your people. Whether you are an individual professional, a corporate, a student or a PwC Alumni, we can provide you with the technical and professional development courses, all tailored to your needs.


What we do

We deliver a variety of training courses which include a mix of technical, business and digital skills. Sessions go beyond theory and aim to be as practical and business-oriented as possible.
Our approach is focused on the blended learning methodology, which takes the best of face-to-face and online training methods.


Why we do it


The world of work has embarked on a massive transformation journey. Today more than ever, everyone should be able to live, learn, work and participate in our digital world. Our purpose is to upskill, reskill and develop individuals and prepare them for this ever-changing professional environment.